What does it mean to be a reseller at Bilo?

Bilo is a fashion clothing supplier and becoming a reseller means you pay in advance to enjoy the discount rate. You will be getting more discount rate than normal buyer.

How to become a reseller and how much is the discount rate?

You can be a reseller at Bilo by purchasing the reseller package. The discount rate is up to 30% and the discount rate will be applied automatically after approving you as a reseller.

Reseller Policy

  1. Kindly manage your Reseller Account carefully as Bilo will not be responsible for any misconduct of credit usage.
  2. Orders paid by reseller account are considered SOLD, we do not accept any refund/exchange in color, size, quantity & code.
  3. The expiry date for credit is 1 year after approval.
  4. Discount will be given automatically after approving you as a reseller.
  5. Credits are strictly non-refundable.
  6. Credit approval will be within working hours only.
  7. Once credit exhausted, resellers are required to top up according to the packages provided by Bilo.
  8. Reseller Account does not entitle for bulk purchase discount.
  9. All orders/transactions are being managed by the account’s owner him/herself, no one shall have the authority to perform any transactions/orders on behalf of the owner.
  10. Kindly send the payment proof for each top up to avoid delay in approval.

Reseller Account to Know

Q: My reseller prepaid account left RM50, I want to make an order which is RM150. Besides, I would like to terminate my reseller account. Can I pay the balance RM100 to Bilo and proceed with my order?

A: No, you are not allowed to do so.

  • I): Reseller account’s credit is not transferable or in any way combine with other payment methods to proceed an order/shipment.
  • II): Reseller purchase reseller package in credit form, this credit have special benefits and it is subject to the policy stated above.
  • III): If you wish to terminate your account, kindly manage your credit yourself. (Make transaction at exact figure to clear your account’s credit.)